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Outdoor Media

Collaborations and Builds From Various Clients

FOX Entertainment / Tubi Shark Week

Outdoor Media Campaign Promotion for Tubi

An outdoor media display animation for NY times Square, animations displayed on 3 screens.

Main 3d Shark & School Fish Animation: Michael Wynn

Compositing/Motion Design: Gabriel Espinoza

Creative Director: Jesse Hallas

FOX Entertainment "Lethal Weapon"

Outdoor media Collaboration

A digital outdoor media  for FOX Entertainment promo for show Lethal Weapon

Art Direction/Project Lead: Dan Pierse

3d Car Build:  Daniel Robichaud

VFX Particles FX / Compositing: Jason Smart

Car Simulation/Animation & Bridge/City  set up / Motion Title Design : Gabriel Espinoza

C4D used with xparticles, Houdini, Adobe, Drive

Dolby Outdoor Media "The Hobbit"

Outdoor Media That Dolby Provided with Surround Sound at Holland Tunnel NY

Dolby was promoting atmos at the time and was incorporating surround sound to their digital boards.  This one was for "The Hobbit"

Artwork provided by vendor.

Water effects on the water wheel was all 3d made in C4d, water was done in Real Flow.

Various effects (birds, sunlight, smoke, lights etc.) was done in adobe after effects.

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