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Spreading Holiday Happiness with Stella Rosa

:30 Second Animated TV Commercial (Aired National Dec 2020)
Client: Stella Rosa

The awesome creative team over at Riboli Family Wines approached me with a fun cool project of animated happiness.  They wanted to boost a positive morale during the holidays in 2020 so they've come up with a plan and vision to approach that.

I took on the job and started putting together a lot of style frames, and mood boards to propose to the client.

Daniel Bruno (Storyboard artist) to hammered out storyboards to help us all see a better visual on how this will work.

I've come across Richard Dearing, an outstanding illustrator from Bristol, UK that fit the bill to match the vision we were looking for. Started working together to bring this thing to life.

Overall, everyone's happy with the results and aired on national TV in December.

They are  wonderful pieces and I'm honored to have a very talented team and such awesome clients to work with.

Check out the animations for the campaign that aired Dec 2020

Holiday Animation

NYE Animation


Boxis Promotional Product Videos

3d Production Promotional video

Brandefy Productions approached last year with Boxis projects. After knocking out 4 projects with them, they've requested another one this year to promote one of their new products.

Using the client's CAD project files, script from Brandefy and little creative imagination from my end, we've ended up in a clean, 3d stylish piece for online.

Start to Finish Project.

Direction/Animation/3d for this one.


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